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Darin Green


After finishing an enlistment with the United States Navy, Darin enrolled and graduated from Central Michigan University majoring in Accounting.  Five years into his accounting career Darin asked himself a very personal question. “If he had to choose a career with no regard for money what would he choose”?  The answer was the most pure and honest response that was gifted to him.  He’ll say gifted because the answer did not come from himself but from the LORD above.  Immediately Darin left the field and enrolled at Irene’s Institute of Myomassology.  In eighteen years as a practicing massage therapist, Darin has worked and managed a Nationally renowned spa, opened, and operated two wellness centers and worked on professional athletes.  He specializes in Deep Therapeutic Massage but is well versed in most massage styles and modalities.  One of his greatest joys in massage therapy is to restore that which has been lost and his success stories are countless.  Darin is truly a God gifted massage therapist. 

     At home, Darin with his wife Brenda are foster parents and have adopted three girls, Ali-13yrs old, Katie Grace-4yrs old, and Lily-3yrs old.   


Justin Mac


In 2014, Justin graduated at the top of his class from Pittsburgh Technical College with a concentration in Therapeutic Massage.  After graduation, Justin developed his expertise in a clinical setting with focused concentration in deep tissue and myofascial bodywork.  Justin is experience ranges from addressing tension, injury and range of motion issues to a more advanced and targeted approach utilizing Trigger Point Therapy and Myofascial Release techniques.


Hannah S.

LMT & Licensed Esthetician

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Christine B.

LMT & Licensed Esthetician

My story started in a small European village.  I was born to two humble hardworking parents who struggled to make ends meet.  My father's family came from a line of ancient warriors and taught me the importance of strength building and muscle therapy.  Later on due to my advanced strength training, fighting skills and obscure past, I was introduced to a recruiter who saw much potential in me for a certain line of work he was involved in.  I can not speak on it in detail, however I can speak broadly.  It involved taking down crime rings around the world.  During one such operation, I was employed as an undercover massage therapist operative.  I played the part well, and discovered not only was I good at being an international spy but had a true healing touch which people appreciated.  After we took down our target in that operation.  I put myself into massage therapy school, and the rest is history.  I am now happy to be part of the Revive team.  


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