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Chair Massage

Why Should you have Corporate Chair Massage Event At Your Company?

It pays to invest in your employees mental and physical health. Happy employees are productive employees, and the ability to produce is what makes and keeps teams together, as well as quality employees around, in the long term.

Bringing On-Site Massages to the Workplace

Bringing On-Site Massage to the Workplace

  • Regular (weekly-monthly) on-site sessions for all workers

  • Special occasions such as holidays, birthdays, and national days of recognition. 

  • As a break during long training sessions or meetings

  • As a reward for good work, reaching goals, or completing projects 

  • In times of special stress, such as near deadlines or during peak work periods


Massages help relieve the common aches, pains, and stresses that are apart of daily work place living. On-site massage has been adapted to address the conditions specific to the modern work place. You feel better right away and receive immediate positive affects. 

Reduces the adverse effects of sitting for long periods of time in the same position, such as at a desk or other workstation 

Helps relieve common problem conditions such as tension headaches,and stiff and sore muscles

Relieves physical problems associated with repetitive tasks;for example , computer work sorting, filing,and assembly line tasks.

improves alertness and ability to focus, an antidote for work slumps. 

Increases employee morale

 Leaves employees feeling revitalized and ready to return to work. 

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